Potential benefits of Social Networks for Global Journeys

Social networks offer an online platform that has proven to be valuable for
strengthening customer to business relationships. On these networks everyone
can share their thoughts and experiences including about their travels available
for other people to read. Just recently, Facebook reached 1 billion users while
twitter exceeded 100 million fans. Online social media as a customer tool has substantial
potential especially given that Facebook offers business ‘friendly’ oriented
services such as reviews and promotions.

It has been found that social media plays an important role when it
comes to travelling. According to a survey, nearly 35% of social media users
compare the price of flights and hotels using a mobile app, and about 15% of all
users having downloaded an app specifically for going on a trip. Furthermore,
over 80% of vacationers used their smart phone while away with around 70% of
travelers posting their photos while still on holiday. It was also found that
the most popular social network used by nearly half of all travelers was
Facebook and Foursquare proving popular for posting locations and restaurants
visited online. As a result, information shared on social media has become
valuable for business.

Online social media can be an invaluable tool for business if used effectively. However, some firms such as Global Journeys, a travel company do
not utilize social networks such as Twitter. One of the recommendations for Global Journeys is to link customers online to informative travel articles, sharing videos, photos and company newsletters on their Facebook page. Further recommended, is to connect with agents to improve customers’ service as well as to connect with customers via social networks.

This additional online interaction may increase customer loyalty and repeat business
to leading to a better bottom line for Global Journeys.

Case Study

The firm, Tripping International, a travel company, successfully utilizes social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Effectively utilizing social networks offers reputable travel companies an opportunity to connect with customers to share positive customer experiences or to improve product offering. Tripping, a social networking travel site has members from over 100 countries and many reputable partners and affiliations. This company offers local resources to travelers to local reputable businesses for services such as accommodation and restaurants. Furthermore the site also shares the photos of others’ experiences on Facebook. These services made available on social networks have proven to be popular with travelers online.

Facebook Comparison: Global Journeys & Tripping

 Global Journeys  Tripping
Style  A tour company in Australia  A travel company in America
Popular extent  Below 500 likes  Over 25,000 likes
Sharing photos  Less 50 pictures  Over 400 pictures

In conclusion, firms can utilize the substantial potential of online social networks to improve customer relationships and product offering leading to an improved bottom line. As part of the online interaction customers may share their positive experiences and photos on social networks leading to positive promotion enhancing business reputation.

Group members strategies:

1.    Customer Engagement with Social Media Campaigns-Sukshan

2.      Increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings with social media engagements.-Prapat

3.     Increase Customer Engagement-Leo

4.     networks-improve visibility and communication and can have better deals if know who they are talking to – Mathilde

5.      Sharing information and pictures on social networks-kiki

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Wiki and better brand awareness for Global Journeys


Wiki can be used to share information about a corporation, including
history, innovation, product development and plans for the public. The
traditional advertising campaign delivers limited information to the
individual, whereas digital media such as Facebook, blogs and Wiki has become
valuable in offering additional information leading to improved brand
awareness. A brand can be a name, design, symbol or any character identifiable
to the customer that sets itself apart from other competing products.


Goble Journeys is a tour company in Australia that does not actively
utilize social media. Larger corporations may not be as fast or as ‘close’ to
the customer (an essential requirement for engaging in wiki) giving smaller
businesses such as Goble Journeys an edge. The recommended strategy is to
utilize Wiki to create brand awareness for Goble Journeys. According to a
survey two-thirds of participants were willing to participate in market
research related to the brands they buy. Whereas 61% were happy to help design
products with 37% would join a brand discussion group. It was also found that
wiki is an essential tool to connect with customers. It is recommended that
Goble Journeys utilize Wiki to establish themselves with the customer, deliver
history, latest product development and store locations creating brand
awareness. Starbucks has successfully used Wiki to connect with customers
promoting brand awareness delivering key detailed information. Goble Journeys
can also be successful in utilizing this strategy.Wikipedia is not just an online encyclopedia but also a collaborative platform filled with community features maximizing user enjoyment and participation.

Group members strategies:

1.   wiki to collect past problem with solution and wiki to share problem so that people can help answer -sukshan

2.    wiki to share travel location information(internal/external)-  Prapat

3.      information sharing by wiki-Leo

4.     wiki to teach basic language(greeting and common words for travel) for every country that have travel package-Mathilde

5.     Wiki to create brand-Kiki

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